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Oxford Traditional Scouting uses outdoor adventure to develop leadership skills, promote strong values and respect for the planet, and encourage youth to live a healthy active lifestyle.

What is Traditional Scouting?

The term "Traditional Scouting" has a different meaning outside of the United States, where it refers to a "back to basics" movement that rejects the world-wide trend to "modernize" Scouting... and returns Scouting to a scheme intentionally based on Baden-Powell's own model of Scouting.

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What this means is that the concept of Scouting has changed a lot, since the Scouting movement came to be in 1908. Many Councils have attempted to modernize Scouting to varying degrees of success. The idea of Traditional Scouting is to bring back the teachings of Robert Baden-Powell (the founder of the Scouting movement) rather than use these 'modern' variations of it.

The only changes that Traditional Scouting programs see from the original teachings come in the way of advancements. We, as a global community, are continually gaining knowledge in fields that were relatively limited back in the early 1900s. More specifically, we recognize that some of the techniques taught in the original Scouting movement are invariably outdated, and we want to ensure that our youth gain skills that are practical in today's society. We also take into account changes in health and safety practices, environmental concerns, and the inclusion of newer technologies that may be relevant to Scouting today.

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