Timber Wolf Pack (8-10)

About the Program

The Timber Wolf program is based on The Wolf Cub’s Handbook by Robert Baden-Powell. New members are invested, becoming Tenderpads, and then progress from First Star to Second Star. The Timber Wolf motto is "Do your best".

The theme for the program is The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. This theme is used in Pack ceremonies, and the Scouters get jungle names such as Akela (the Old Wolf) and Baloo (the bear).

The Pack is made up of small groups called Sixes, each with up to 6-8 Timber Wolves. Each Six is lead by a Sixer who is an experienced member of the Pack. At camps, the members of the Six work together with help from their Scouters to set up their campsite and learn how to prepare their meals and keep the campsite clean. The Sixer helps with the training of less experienced Timber Wolves in their Six. Everybody has opportunities to learn leadership and teamwork skills, and how to take more responsibility for themselves.